Easiest Instrument to Learn for Adults

Older man playing piano

Learning to play an instrument at an older age

There are so many reasons why someone might want to learn to play an instrument at 40, or 60, or 90. Learning an instrument in your 20s can bring a long lifetime of enrichment and fun. But the benefits of learning an instrument as an adult are numerous and important. But what’s the easiest instrument to learn for adults? That all depends on you.

Hohner Melodicas – History, Examples, and Reviews

Hohner harmonica

If you’re looking for a melodica from the company that invented the instrument as we know and love it today, read on. We’ll go over how Hohner melodicas came to be and what instruments they offer to help you figure out which one is the right choice for you. You’ll learn a bit about Hohner melodica’s history, examples, and reviews of some of their most popular models.

Best Professional Melodicas

Best Professional Melodicas

Have you learned the basics of the melodica and know you’ve fallen in love with this amazing instrument? Are you looking for that next-level melodica to boost your playing? Or maybe you’ve played for years and want some info on the best professional melodicas on the market. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here are some professional melodica models that are a great choice for serious melodica players!