Melodicas for Kids

Melodicas for Kids (Updated for 2022)

Our list of melodicas for kids has been updated with current products and info for 2022. We do our best to review and recommend only gear that we do or would use ourselves. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases...thank you!

The melodica has become a favorite musical learning tool for students and kids around the world. Whether you’ve never played an instrument before, or you’re looking to pick up something new, the melodica can be an excellent addition to your music education.

While the melodica is a musical instrument that appeals to all age ranges, including adults, there’s something special about the ease of blowing into a melodica and getting some great sounds so quickly. That ease of playing is one of the reasons that kids are drawn to the melodica. It’s one of the primary reasons that music teachers love to use melodicas in their instruction as well.

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Criteria for this melodicas for kids review

First off, we wanted to find items that we thought kids would want to play. That’s the most important aspect of a musical instrument for kids. We also decided to break it up by categories that might help people find what they want more quickly and easily.

First, we’re including items that might be thought of more on the border between toys and musical instruments. They’re made specifically to be inexpensive and to appeal to a kid’s sensibilities.

Then, we’re including some melodicas that are more “serious” instruments but are still appropriate for the smaller hands and more fleeting attention of kids. These instruments will feel better for kids, and they won’t break the bank if they play them a few times and completely lose interest. Hey…we know it happens.

Kids melodicas on the “lighter” side

These ones will get kids blowing and making some music. However, don’t expect high-end craftsmanship here. These are meant for fun and, hopefully, some child development.

The colors and sounds you’ll get with these can also contribute to some great family fun time!

Yibuy 27 Keys Melodica Mouth Organ Wind Piano QM27A

Yibuy 27 Keys Melodica Mouth Organ Wind Piano QM27A Black White Keyboard
  • A great instrument, easy to play and learn which suitable for beginners.
  • 27-key organ design, made of high quality plastic which lightweight and convient to use.
  • While using the slender curved straw mouthpiece, you can play the Melodica on the table.
  • It can be matched with many instruments to play wonderful music together.

This one is good for kids who love the idea of a horn. We had one of these for the kids, and it was a lot of fun. It won’t give you the amazing tone of a Suzuki melodion, but it will definitely give your kids something to learn basic notes with.

Piano horn by Schylling

Piano Horn by Schylling
  • Blow the horn and press the keys to make beautiful music!
  • Perfect for the aspiring musician in your life
  • Its two instruments in one with keys you can press and a horn you can blow
  • Just press the keys to play different notes

Similar to Yibuy, this one will give your kids the opportunity to learn some very basic skills like blowing to make sounds and coordination with their finger movements. It’s also very colorful to keep kids’ attention!

QMG Melodica

QMG Melodica 32 Keys with Piano Stickers, Hard Cover Carrying Case, Mouthpiece
  • ⦗ EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY ⦘ Built with copper reed which gives excellent tone quality and resonance compared to aluminum reed that cheaper brands come with.
  • ⦗ EASY TO LEARN AND PLAY ⦘ 32-key QMG melodica comes with a smooth, and responsive piano style keyboard that is easy to play. A great instrument for kids and beginners who are eager to learn piano. You can practice better sounding chords and classical melodies using this melodica.
  • ⦗ PROTECTIVE HARD CASE ⦘ Protects not only your melodica but also it’s accessories such as extension hose, mouthpiece from bumps and shocks during travel. A damaged extension hose or mouthpiece is the worst nightmare of any melodia owner!
  • ⦗ COMES WITH STICKERS ⦘ The melodica comes with 32 stickers for black and white keys. A great visual tool for kids and beginners to accelerate the learning process. Also, more value for your money.

This one is a big step up in terms of quality and seriousness. It’s still a budget price, but the package it ships with is squarely aimed at younger kids and those just learning notes and how piano keyboards work. Big, colorful stickers for each key show your kids what note they’re playing.

It also ships with a flexible extension tube, a carry case, a cleaning cloth, and more. The QMG features a copper reed plate, which is a decent step up from cheaper melodicas as well.

Melodicas for those “serious” kid musicians

These instruments are what you’d consider “real” musical instruments. They are on the lower end of the price and quality spectrum for the most part, but they’d still be perfectly appropriate for the right kid.

Cahaya 32 Key Melodica

CAHAYA Melodica 2 Double Mouthpieces Tube Sets Melodicas Piano Style 32 Key Portable with Carrying Bag, Blue, CY0050-2
  • 【Smooth, Responsive Piano Keyboard】 You can play chords and single notes, sharps, and flats just like a piano, though it has a smaller range.
  • 【Convenient to Carry】You can bring it easily with a zipper carrying case and a strap in the melodica.
  • 【Safe for humans】The body is made from ABS non-toxic engineering resin which is healthy and safe.
  • 【Compatibility】Suitable for instrumental music instruction, music playing, music learning.

We’ve actually reviewed this melodica on our best beginner melodicas roundup not too long ago. It’s budget-friendly. It gets great reviews. It comes with two sets of mouthpieces and flexible tubes, a carry case, and a lot more.

They also have a couple of color choices and a 37 key option as well. If your kid is already looking for more keys to practice beginning piano songs, you may want to check the 37 key version.

Eastar 32 Key Melodica

Eastar 32 Key Melodica Instrument Keyboard Soprano Air Piano with 2 Double Mouthpieces Tube, Carrying Bag,Black
  • 32-Key piano style melodic, easy to play and learn. Perfect for teaching little kids or people who are beginning to play the piano as its easy to learn, develop their musical interests
  • Use phosphor bronze reed and copper base, The better quality materials to provide users with standard Tone. Enjoying high quality music education and reduce the misleading sounds of bad instruments
  • The body is made from ABS non-toxic engineering resin which is healthy and safe. Black body with Black and white keys to give you a comfortable feeling, exquisite workmanship and durable
  • Comes with a good quality bag for easy carrying and storing, and tube, shoulder strap. Perfect for carrying and store. If you look for a gift for kids, it will be a great choice

The Eastar is similar to the Cahaya, but it may be a touch higher in quality and durability. The package of items it ships with is also very similar to the Cahaya. We found this one to be a good option for both kids and adult beginners.

This one also has both 32 key and 37 versions.

Hohner Kids Airboard HKAIR25

No products found.

The Hohner Airboard series was created as a step up in quality from the normal base line. The melodicas in this line also feature very unique styling and graphics. This one was specifically created for kids with bright colors and bold graphics.

The price point here is the highest of any kids melodica on this page. However, it is a serious step up in quality. Hohner is a very respected and well-known brand in the melodica industry. Check out the history of Hohner melodicas in our writeup.

There are a couple of things to take note of with this model. First, it is only a 25 key melodica. This will be fine for smaller kids, but big kids might feel a bit limited. Also, the range is obviously limited when compared with the 32 and 37 key melodicas listed here. However, if your kid isn’t looking to learn a lot of piano songs, they should be just fine.

Also, as this is a more well constructed melodica, it might take a bit more force with your breath to play notes strongly. So, very small children may have a bit harder time at first getting louder sounds out of it. It can, however, be a good way to build wind strength.

So, while this melodica isn’t for every kid, it is a really good quality, super fun looking instrument that will probably last longer than any on this list.

Melodicas for kids wrap-up

With the wide variety of colors and sizes available with melodicas today, kids are bound to find something that excites them and makes them want to pick up their melodica and play.

Our advice is to do whatever you can to get them wanting to play…and most definitely join in!

We thought we’d leave you with this bit of inspiration.

The Melodica is great at any age!

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