We Have Melodica Tutorials

We Have Melodica Tutorials

MelodicaShack.com is proud to announce that we have finally begun to create some awesome melodica tutorials for the community. Our first set of tutorials will focus on Christmas music, but we will start to add more and more as we go along.

We are looking for your feedback on what content you’d like to see and how we can improve as we go. We’d like to know what songs you’d like to see made into melodica tutorials. We’d also love to know what styles of music you’re playing with your melodicas.

The melodica community is growing right along with the popularity of this exciting instrument! We’d love to be your source of excellent melodica tutorials.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this one! Have a look at Frank taking us through a great arrangement of Silent Night.

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Silent Night Tutorial for Melodica - Part One
Silent Night Melodica Tutorial – Part 1

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