Melodion vs Melodica – What’s the Difference?

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What is a Melodion?

Melodica is the most ubiquitous term when it comes to pianicas and key harmonicas; however, there are other names that the blow-organ goes by that are either not as common or specific to a certain instrument maker. The Melodion is one of them. Melodions are Suzuki’s contribution to the melodica market, and they do have some unique characteristics. So, when we consider the melodion vs melodica, what’s the difference? And, is there even such a thing as a Suzuki melodica?

32 vs 37 Key Melodica – Which is right for you?

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When considering the choice between a 32 key melodica and a 37 key melodica, you might be tempted to think, “what will five more keys do for me anyway?” Well, you’d be surprised. Every time you step up in the number of keys you open up lots of options musically. This is true for everything with a piano-style keyboard: midi controllers, melodicas, digital pianos, and on and on. The 32 vs 37 key melodica decision requires the consideration of several factors. Let’s have a look at them.

Sheet Music for the Melodica

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If you’re a piano player, it’s incredibly easy to find sheet music in every genre and at any skill level. If you play the cello, you can also find a wonderful selection of sheet music to keep you busy playing for as long as your fingers hold up. But what about melodica players? It’s not nearly as easy to find dedicated sheet music for melodica.

However, just because we don’t have as large of a selection as some other musicians doesn’t mean that there’s no hope when it comes to melodica sheet music. There are options, some easier to adapt than others for sure. But with a little knowledge of how to read sheet music, you can find almost anything to play on a melodica.

Can I Learn Piano on a Melodica

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One of the best things about the melodica is that it provides a really easy way to learn music, even if you’re a complete beginner. This is one of the reasons that schools are becoming more and more eager to bring the melodica instrument into their classrooms. The keys are generally easy for kids’ fingers to find and move around on. The instrument is small and lightweight, making it simple to move from a cabinet or backpack to a student’s desk whenever it’s time for music class. And there’s another really great feature of the melodica, which is that the keyboard is the same layout as any normal piano or piano-based instrument. So, the short, most honest answer to the question, “Can I learn piano on a melodica,” is, yeah you pretty much can.

Best Beginner Melodicas

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Are you looking to pick up a new instrument or simply wanting to learn the beginning techniques of breathwork and key playing? Look no further than the melodica. It’s a fun, portable instrument that incorporates all of these skills. With a little practice, you’ll be able to play all kinds of music including funk, classical, or jazz. Below are our choices for the best beginner melodicas.

How to Buy a Melodica

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If you’re new to the world of melodicas and you’re looking for your first one, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many different types of melodicas to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Knowing how to buy a melodica, like most other instruments, is about arming yourself with the right knowledge.

If you’re looking to buy a more professional level melodica, check our guide to some of the best professional melodicas on the market.



The melodica has gone from an obscure oddity and a teaching tool to an important musical instrument in a relatively short time.

In this post, we’ll present some general melodica information, and we’ll direct you to some other great resources on this site and other places on the web as well.

Let us know if there’s something you’d like us to cover in the comments below.

What is a Melodica: A Beginner’s Guide

Girl playing melodica

With the popularity of some Jazz, Blues, and Pop artists who are bringing the melodica to the forefront of musical news, a lot of people are wondering, “What is a melodica?”

A melodica is an extremely expressive instrument that has crossed all musical genres. Once often thought of in less than serious terms, it has become a legitimate powerhouse of a lead instrument. From Dub and Rock to Blues, Jazz, and Pop, all types of artists are using melodicas to tell their musical stories.

Melodica Care and Maintenance

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Taking care of your melodica is extremely important to the life of your instrument. Instruments only perform well when they’re in good working condition and tuned properly. Not only will good melodica care and maintenance ensure that your melodica sounds great, but it will also extend the instrument’s life. Luckily, only a couple of small tools and some attention are all you really need.