Melodica Christmas Tutorial – O Tannenbaum Part One

Melodica Christmas Tutorial – O Tannenbaum Part One

We’re having a great time putting these tutorials out for everyone. And, we know that Christmas carols are a great option when learning a new tune on melodica. So, if there’s something specific you’d like to see covered in a tutorial, please let us know. This melodica Christmas tutorial is great any time of year.

In this melodica tutorial, Frank takes us through the melody of O Tannenbaum or Oh Christmas Tree. There will be a part two to this one that shows a two-handed arrangement to the same song. So, stay tuned for that one.

O Tannenbaum is a great, easy tune to learn on melodica. It’s very recognizable, and it’s not too challenging to play. Also, the arrangement that Frank shows us takes into consideration that beginners will want to learn this as well.

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You’ll want to start learning this popular Christmas carol early. Then, you can whip it out at a Christmas party or any holiday get together and impress your family and friends.

Family entertainment for the holidays

One amazing thing about melodicas is that they make it very easy to spend time playing music with family and friends. In days before TV and radio, it was much more common for families to gather around a piano as entertainment. Today, with the convenience of a melodica, this old-time tradition is possible again. Even though very few of us are able to have pianos in our homes, we can still enjoy music together with a melodica.

We hope these tutorials are fun and informative for you. If you’re getting a lot out of them, and you want to see more, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to add more jazz, holiday, or even some great chamber pop style tutorials for the melodica.

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