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Best Beginner Melodicas

Are you looking to pick up a new instrument or simply wanting to learn the beginning techniques of breathwork and key playing? Look no further than the melodica. It’s a fun, portable instrument that incorporates all of these skills. With a little practice, you’ll be able to play all kinds of music including funk, classical, or jazz. Below are our choices for the best beginner melodicas.

How much should I spend on a beginner melodica?

This is an important question to consider when making a purchase like this. Do you go as low-budget as possible just in case the melodica isn’t really for you? Or, do you spend a little bit more to get a little quality and know that a better instrument might make you play more? Also, is this purchase for an adult, or is it for a child?

These are great questions, and we’ll do our best to try to help answer some of them. We’ll then show some examples of melodicas on the market at different price and quality levels. With that knowledge, you should be able to make a very informed choice about your new instrument.

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You get what you pay for

As you’re shopping and comparing, remember that it’s usually true that you get what you pay for. This is definitely true in the melodica market. There are absolutely deals to be had. Some of them are on this very page. But, if you’re purchasing from the budget category, don’t expect professional quality.

There is nothing wrong with opting for a low-end melodica for the right reasons. Just make sure to set your expectations if you do. Then, you’ll be pleased when your new purchase meets or exceeds your hopes.

Where are you in your musical journey?

If you’re an adult, and you’ve played a bit of piano or some other instrument, you’ll have very different expectations than a child who has never touched a keyboard. Remember that the more you enjoy playing something, the more you’ll play it. If your goal is to play a lot…choose wisely.

The budget melodicas listed below are excellent choices for either kids or adults who are on the fence about playing melodica. For the most part, the quality levels have come up even on budget melodicas too. So, if cost is your number one factor, check those first.

Higher-level beginner melodicas

Hohner 32B

Hohner 32B Instructor Melodica, Black
  • Play in comfort with the ergonmic mouthpiece and key design
  • Ideal for beginner musicians as well as advanced players looking for the dynamic range needed for Pop and Rock style music
  • A larger range than The Student 26 Melodica, the 32 offers tonal range of f, small octave, c, three-lined octave
  • Deluxe carrying case, mouthpiece and instructions included

The Hohner 32B melodica is a classic choice for serious students and advanced players as well. Coming from the inventors of the modern melodica, the Hohner 32B has 32 keys covering two and a half octaves. It comes with a trumpet style mouthpiece, an extension cord, and a padded cover for easy transportation.

Though it’s made of hard plastic, this instrument plays extremely well, and has a better than decent tone. It’s a highly reviewed instrument online with many people saying that it’s one of the best melodicas for beginners, especially when you compare it to the other beginner instruments which can lack quality. For the extra $20 dollars that you might spend over a lower-priced melodica, you’ll be getting a lot.

The action on the keyboard is great, as well as the volume control you have. One criticism is that when the melodica is shipped to your house, it can arrive out of tune; however, this is fairly common for mail-order melodicas. Knowing how to tune and maintain your own melodica is something you should do no matter what model you buy.

Suzuki M-32C

Suzuki Melodica, Blue (M-32)
  • Melodion
  • standard 32 note Melodion
  • it comes with one standard mouthpiece and one extension tube with mouthpiece
  • Made in Japan

Another good choice for a beginner player who knows they want a serious instrument would be Suzuki’s M-32C model. It has 32 keys, and the body is made of metal with a vinyl finish. It’s a little more highly-priced than other entry-level melodicas; however, the reputation and quality that come with Suzuki are unparalleled.

This is actually the smaller version of one of our favorite professional melodicas, the Suzuki M-37C. The M-32C could be a great step up from a lower-end melodica if you’ve played a bit but aren’t ready to step into a higher-priced pro model.

Because of the steeper price, you can expect the tone to be a lot brighter, similar to that of a harmonica or accordion, compared to most of the other beginner melodicas. There are also sound holes on the back, which allow for a louder sound, making it great for jam sessions and band settings. Depending on the distributor, the melodicas usually come with a bag, an extension cord, and a trumpet mouthpiece.

Stagg – Melosta32

Stagg MELOSTA32 BL 32-Key Melodica with Nylon Gig Bag Included, Blue
  • 32 keys
  • Plastic
  • Includes mouthpiece and flexible tube
  • Soft case included

The Stagg Melosta 32 melodica is a decent option for those brand new to the melodica. It comes with an extension cord, trumpet mouthpiece, and a zippered, padded case. Stagg offers melodicas similar to this in either red, blue, or black. It seems that the price has gone up recently, and you can now pick up a Hohner for not much more. Check the current prices as they can fluctuate.

With 32 keys, it is a very durable instrument with a rich tone; however, don’t expect a professional instrument or tone like a Suzuki. Similar to the D’Luca, the Stagg melodica features excellent volume control which is perfect for louder environments and jam sessions. This is a good instrument to get the essence of what the melodica is about.

Budget beginner melodicas

Fever Melodica M37-BK (D’Luca M37-BK)

Fever Melodica, Black (M37-BK)
  • 37 piano style keys
  • Zipper Protective Bag, mouthpiece and extension hose
  • Ideal for students as well as advanced players
  • Played like a piano

If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable beginner melodica with a full three octaves, look no further than the Fever Melodica M37-BK. This model previously went by the name D’Luca M37-BK. With this melodica, you also get an extension cord, trumpet mouthpiece, and a zipper carrying case. It also comes in multiple color choices when in stock.

Though the price is lower than many other 37 key melodicas, the quality isn’t lacking. When compared to similar brands on the market, the volume and tone are great for an entry-level model. As mentioned above, some players have experienced out of tune melodicas upon receiving their instruments in the mail; this is relatively common and should be expected when buying a melodica online.

Rise by Sawtooth Piano Style Melodica

No products found.

Next, we have the Rise by Sawtooth melodica. It’s one of the most affordable options for beginner melodicas, and it comes with travel bag, an extension tube, a trumpet mouthpiece, and your choice of blue or black. It has 32 piano-style keys, the typical two and a half octaves, and is made with very thick, durable plastic. For the price, the sound is great and is highly reviewed by players. This melodica is ideal if you’re figuring out if the melodica is right for you!

One other thing to note about the Sawtooth Rise Melodica is that they also offer a 37 key version for almost the same price as the 32 key version. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option for beginners to learn the piano keyboard, the 37 key option could be perfect.

Cahaya Melodica

This is a relative newcomer to the market, but it’s quickly become one of the favorites. It’s definitely on the “low-end” of the quality scale; however, that shouldn’t put you off right away. If what you’re looking for is a decent quality, very affordable entry-level melodica, this could be your answer.

For the price, the Cahaya is an excellent option for those budget conscious shoppers. It’s even cheap enough that if you do end up realizing that you want a better model, you can keep it around for the beach or other very informal settings.

CAHAYA Melodica 32 Keys Double Tubes Mouthpiece Air Piano Keyboard Musical Instrument with Carrying Bag 32 Keys, Black, CY0050-1
  • 【Smooth, Responsive Piano Keyboard】 You can play chords and single notes, sharps, and flats just like a piano, though it has a smaller range.
  • 【Convenient to Carry】You can bring it easily with a zipper carrying case and a strap in the melodica.
  • 【Safe for humans】The body is made from ABS non-toxic engineering resin which is healthy and safe.
  • 【Compatibility】Suitable for instrumental music instruction, music playing, music learning.

Eastar 32 Key Melodica

Another great option for the budget conscious melodica player. The reviews for this model are very impressive.

The nice thing is that the Eastar Melodica comes with two mouthpieces and two extension tubes. You also get a carry bag to hold it all.

The reeds are phosphor bronze and copper base, which is helpful for providing a more consistent tone and possibly keeping the instrument in tune a bit better.

All in all, a fantastic choice and a 37 key option to boot if that suits you better! Check it out.

Eastar 32 Key Melodica Instrument Keyboard Soprano Air Piano with 2 Double Mouthpieces Tube, Carrying Bag,Black
  • 32-Key piano style melodic, easy to play and learn. Perfect for teaching little kids or people who are beginning to play the piano as its easy to learn, develop their musical interests
  • Use phosphor bronze reed and copper base, The better quality materials to provide users with standard Tone. Enjoying high quality music education and reduce the misleading sounds of bad instruments
  • The body is made from ABS non-toxic engineering resin which is healthy and safe. Black body with Black and white keys to give you a comfortable feeling, exquisite workmanship and durable
  • Comes with a good quality bag for easy carrying and storing, and tube, shoulder strap. Perfect for carrying and store. If you look for a gift for kids, it will be a great choice

ammoon 32 Key Melodica

This is another really good option at a bare bones price, and they have lots of colors to choose from. You’ll get a mouthpiece and a flexible extension tube along with a carry case in the package.

Again, the reviews are excellent for the most part on this budget melodica. There isn’t anything exceptional to make this model stand out in the budget category. However, if you’re looking for a solid, budget-priced 32 key melodica in a specific color, this might be your choice.

No products found.

Best beginner melodicas wrap-up

For the brand new player, we would probably recommend either the Rise by Sawtooth or the Eastar melodicas. They’re two of the cheapest options that still have decent tone and volume. However, if you’re a skilled musician interested in a new instrument then we’d suggest either the Suzuki M-32C or the Hohner 32B.

When learning a new instrument, buying the right one can be tricky. Budget is a big component, and depending on your commitment level, so is the quality. Luckily, there are some products on the market that include both affordability and high standards. Hopefully, we’ve been able to give you enough info to make the right decision and keep you in the melodica family for years to come.

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