Best Professional Melodicas

Best Professional Melodicas

Have you learned the basics of the melodica and know you’ve fallen in love with this amazing instrument? Are you looking for that next-level melodica to boost your playing? Or maybe you’ve played for years and want some info on the best professional melodicas on the market. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here are some professional melodica models that are a great choice for serious melodica players!

We won’t be focusing on any of the boutique makers out there or any vintage models right now. We’ll save that for another article. While we agree that these can be amazing choices for professionals, we wanted to give a short run-down of the best professional melodicas on the market currently.

Build quality, overall sound, and look and feel all played significant roles in determining which professional melodicas to include here. Brand name did have a little to do with it as well since an established brand with a good track record can signify trust and dedication to the community of that instrument.

Suzuki M-37C and Pro-37

The M-37C is actually listed as a “Semi Pro” model. But this is definitely a melodica that advanced players can get behind.

The Suzuki M-37C comes with three full octaves and sets a high standard for a 37 note melodica. The case of the M-37C is constructed from aluminum and features a sleek, vinyl finish. It comes with a gig bag, one trumpet mouthpiece, and two extension mouthpieces as well.

Compared to the Suzuki Pro-37, some people feel that the M-37C has a more rounded, warmer tone. A few reviewers have said that the Pro sounds a little harsh, but I don’t think I’d go that far at all. I do think there’s some nice power to the Pro-37.

Depending on the level of volume and kick you want in your melodica, both are great options. The Suzuki M-37C is priced so well that it won’t break your budget, even for a high-level instrument.

In addition to the M-37C and Pro-37, there’s also the Suzuki M-37C Plus to choose from. The Plus model has a different color scheme as well as an extra air tube, but aside from those options, we don’t see a whole lot of difference.

Check out Suzuki’s demo video. You can hear the M-37C at 1:10 into the video.

Suzuki Melodions - a more in depth view.
Suzuki Melodica (M-37C)
Suzuki Melodica, red (M-37C plus)
Suzuki Musical Instrument Melodica (PRO-37V3)
Suzuki Melodica (M-37C)
Suzuki Melodica, red (M-37C plus)
Suzuki Musical Instrument Melodica (PRO-37V3)
Suzuki Melodica (M-37C)
Suzuki Melodica (M-37C)
Suzuki Melodica, red (M-37C plus)
Suzuki Melodica, red (M-37C plus)
Suzuki Musical Instrument Melodica (PRO-37V3)
Suzuki Musical Instrument Melodica (PRO-37V3)

Yamaha P37D

This 37 key pianica is very bright and crisp sounding. Some reviewers have mentioned that its sound is similar in tone to an accordion or even a saxophone at times. That’s not at all strange to hear since the free-reed design of these instruments is very similar to harmonicas and accordions.

There is a lot in terms of brightness with the tone of this professional melodica, allowing it to cut through any jam session or live performance. If that’s the tone you’re looking for, this might be the melodica for you.

With anti-corrosive brass reeds, the Yamaha will last years. It comes with a hard case, a trumpet mouthpiece, as well as a tube mouthpiece. Similar to the Suzuki, it’s on the heavier side, so keep that in mind if you’re going to be using the trumpet mouthpiece and walking around with it on stage.

Some reviewers have also mentioned that the handle on the back of the melodica is in an awkward position, which can strain your wrist in long sessions; however, if you plan on playing in your lap, you’ll be fine.

Yamaha also offers a 25 and a 32 key version of this melodica, but the P37D sets the standard here.

Have a listen to the P37D in action:

Melodica Latin Jazz (Yamaha Pianica P37D)
Yamaha Pianica, 37-note Melodica, Maroon (P37D)
  • A miniature keyboard powered by your own breath
  • Sound similar to a harmonica or accordion
  • 37 key 3 octave range (F3-F6)
  • Includes both a fixed mouthpiece and a flexible air tube
  • Durable hard plastic case included

Hohner S37 Performer

Hohner is arguably the inventor of the modern melodica. And, Hohner’s Performer 37 is an all-around great melodica. It may not be quite up to the same level as the others on this page, especially the Hohner models built in recent years; however, the Performer 37 is still a solid choice for players looking for a high-quality instrument.

With bronze, responsive reeds, playing this melodica requires much less breath than lower quality melodicas. The action is also easy to play compared to other leading melodicas. It comes with a carry case, an extension tube, and a trumpet mouthpiece. Like the Suzuki and Yamaha, this Hohner melodica is slightly on the heavy side; however, that’s something that players can adapt to fairly easily.

Other reviewers have said that upon receiving their melodicas, it was already out of tune, something that is typical when instruments are shipped. So, be prepared to tune your melodica when it arrives. Another common complaint is that the body doesn’t feel as sturdy and strong as the Suzuki or Yamaha. Though it may not be the highest-ranked melodica, for the price, the Hohner is a good choice.

Since Hohner moved its melodica production operations out of Germany, build quality has lessened some. If you can find an older, German-made Hohner, you may be even happier for the money you spend.

Hohner Performer 37 Key Melodica - Black
  • 37 keys
  • Tone range of F below middle C through F
  • Bronze reeds
  • Due to hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned

Hammond Pro 44-HP and Hammond 44 Acoustic-Electric Melodica

We did want to include a mention of the Hammond 44 models. They aren’t necessarily vintage, and you can find them online fairly easily. Suzuki bought Hammond in the ’90s, so you’ll see them sold as Hammond Suzuki as well. There has been some mention of the loss of quality, but they’re still extremely well-loved and respected.

Although, it has been a bit tough for Hammond melodica lovers to find things like replacement reed plates these days. I’ve heard that this may change soon, so that’s a good thing for the community.

The Hammond Pro 44-HP, or High Power, is a step above the Hammond Pro 44, with its clearer, brighter tone. It has new reeds and a perforated body, providing more volume. This is a great feature if you play with bands or in noisier environments. It also has a mic with volume control built into it, allowing you to keep up with almost any band situation.

Although it has a high volume, the key noise, or action noise, is extremely quiet. Because the range is quite large with 44 keys, the melodica is a little heavy at 2 ½ pounds. However, you can play on your lap. This model used to come with three mouthpieces, two of which are longer; however, it seems that it may be shipping with only two now. It also comes with a padded gig bag and a cloth to clean the metal body. One thing to consider with the Suzuki Hammond models is that they are at the top end of the price range with professional melodicas.

However, if you’re looking for something a little bit cheaper that can keep up in loud venues, then we suggest looking into the Hammond 44 Acoustic-Electric Melodica if you can find one. Unlike using an external microphone, the tone and warmth you get from using this melodica are unparalleled. Designed with Suzuki, this wide range, versatile melodica is perfect for soloing and playing with a full band.

We’ll leave you with this amazing performance to gasp over…

Ena Yoshida NEW Album「Spiral」PV Libertango

Wrap Up

There are a lot of melodicas on the market now, especially cheap ones, so finding a high-quality professional melodica can be difficult. Though these are just a small handful of professional melodicas, it simply all depends on the tone and sound you’re looking for. If these don’t seem to suit your preferences and needs, it might help to look at the different variations of the models these companies have.

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  1. Can Hammond 44H be played connected to my headphone when I want to play late at night so the neighbors do not hear?

    1. Hey there,

      Great question. Just remember that the 44H (and 44HP as well) are still acoustic instruments. You may be able to plug into an amplifier and then use headphones, but it won’t be the same as if you were playing an electric guitar or midi keyboard. You might be able to play very quietly, but you’ll still get some sound.

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